WMCCA Meeting
Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
Time: 7:15 p.m.
Location: Potomac Community Center

If schools are closed because of inclement weather, the meeting will be cancelled.

Speaker: Open Forum Meeting - Bring Your Concerns
Topic: Each year we devote a meeting to a more complete discussion of issues we've been following and offer the public a chance to bring topics forward which concern them. Through this process, we've been able to help members with problems such as development proposals, illegal tree cutting, zoning code violations, and Special Exceptions (now called Conditional Uses). Our Directors and Committee chairs will report on a range of current WMCCA issues, including: the recent threat of sewer sprawl via the Ten Year Water and Sewer Plan, development proposals in Rock Run and Piney Branch watersheds, and the proliferation of cell towers. If you have issues in your neighborhood, we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and discuss your concerns. We appreciate the input from our neighbors and are glad to review and address issues as they affect our Potomac Subregion Master Plan and the neighboring Agricultural Reserve which we help to buffer and protect.The Red Barn photo by Peter Poggi

When farmers bartered for supplies at Perry Store in Offutt’s Crossroad in 1880, Potomac was an agricultural community where transportation relied on the C&O Canal and horse-drawn wagons on dirt roads.  Today, we see something far different.

Yet much remains constant.  Great Falls, the Potomac River, and the Canal still draw us.  Forested stream valleys, rural roads, and Potomac Village still define our community.  The look and feel of Potomac today is no accident.  Much of what we hold dear is due to the vigilance of volunteers working to preserve what is best here – a community that values our history, the environment, and our role as “Green Wedge” in the overall vision of county planners.

We invite you to become one of the team to insure the continued beauty of this area. If you are interested in preserving the beauty of Potomac, please become a member.